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Special to The Seattle Times





…The arrival of the young cellist Sergey Antonov filled the hall with anticipation, heralded as he was by his 2007 triumph in the prestigious Tchaikovsky Competition. The legendary Dvorak Cello Concerto also brought with it the expanded orchestra, including very strong woodwind and brass sections.


Antonov did not seem to require any Benaroya adjustments at all, flying out of the gate with his big, vibrant tone, very warm and textured for all its technical perfection.


The orchestra was an apt partner through the majority of this. Concerto accompaniment is always a delicate balance, and the brass had less adjustment time than the strings, so it was understandable when they overstepped their territory a bit. But the intertwined lines of cello with clarinet and flute are among the great joys of this work. The contemplative Adagio movement was the finest moment for everyone, floating into the air like a child's prayer…


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